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Welcome to BD Local

BD Local is your local app which supports businesses within your community.

Currently in the PNW, we have markets set to be nationwide, one day. So no matter where you travel, with BD Local, you shop local, share local, BE the better local. Download to support your local city today.

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How to get started

  1. Download to your smartphone

  2. Open BD Local (Backseat Driver) app to experience your local city like a local with deals and coupons as well as BD Local favorites.

  3. Love your experience somewhere? Use the 'share local' button to refer ANY small business to us for us to contact and add to the BD Local app.

  4. Entertainment anyone? With BD Local, you have music videos for our 'MTV, BET, VH1 days' and 3-10 minute movie clips for our children or young hearted. Coming soon... local artists, musicians, and pod-casts.

Shop local, share local, BE the better local

Join us

What we do

We bring communities together through technology where social media has failed us time and time again. BD Local allows you to experience the town like a local, giving you a sense of belonging. Some of these great places are giving us deals, too, allowing us to save money and support our local businesses.

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Shop Local

Please go experience your local town through deals, coupons, and promotions. Not everyone has a coupon but rest assured that every business on our BD Local app was referred by a local through our system. Enjoy shopping local!

Share Local

You are a local. You have experienced this life like we have not. Please send us any business that has given you a great experience. This system is a referral program where we, BD Local, contact the owners of your favorite businesses. If the business says yes, then we just tailored our app around you, the local. Allowing you to save at places you already support and spend your money.

BE the better local

We have created an app that is on the homescreen of your phone. This supports your local city and allows small businesses to thrive. By supporting our mission, we will create the largest marketing platform for small business owners AND mom and pop shops. This is being created daily by the efforts of our locals who are speaking out to support their favorite spots on a more massive platform. One day, we will impact millions of people, saving businesses every year, giving back to the community, all while allowing our tourists to have the GO TO app while traveling. Come join us.

Shop local, share local, BE the better local

Our Partners

BD Local has been honored to partner up with these local businesses

The Sanctuary Art on the Ave Premium Wheel Straightening Anthem Coffee Tacoma Thunder

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